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The staff of KLEMT + ASSOCIATES, has experience which includes different types of projects such as new construction, repair, renovation/alterations, additions and expansions.     Our background includes complex additions, demolition, phasing construction, construction administration and management.

Residential Projects
These include additions and renovations and vary widely in price. Pictured below are some of the projects with sketches of some of them:

Burrows Addition

Two story Addition (Bedroom and Bathroom on each floor)
Addition to Rodgers Residence
Addition of a Master Suite, Bedroom with bath and rear deck.

Addition to Talbot Residence

Addition of bedroom and major renovations.

McCall Residence

Addition of from entrance and site revisions.
Pearson Residence
Renovation of Kitchen.

Wallace Residence

Rework front of the house.

Voudren Residence

Addition of a garage on the first floor and Bedroom on the second floor.

Commercial Projects:

Nottoway County Public Schools
Nottoway County, Virginia

  • Klemt + Associates worked with the Nottoway County School Board to assist in a $10.4 million building program.  This includes:
    • Phased Renovations of the Middle School (future)
    • 14 Classroom Additions and Renovations to Blackstone Elementary School plus ADA upgrade.
    • Addition and Renovations to Crewe Elementary School (future)
    • 4 Classroom Addition and Renovations to Burkeville Elementary School, ADA adherence, replace window system, new HVAC & electrical. New High School for 1000 students, includes new Vocational Building

The High School and Vocational Building are completed and the entire project was completed in 1999.

  • General Contractor:  Kenbridge Construction Co., Inc., Kenbridge, VA
  • Grading & Site Contractor:  Castle Heights Construction Co.
  • Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor:  Eveready Mechanical Co.
  • Electrical Contractor:  Lucas Electrical Company

Blackstone Elementary School, 14-classroom addition, expanded Media Center and upgrade to current ADA requirements.  Total addition amounts to 26,544 square feet.
Burkeville Elementary School, 4 classroom addition, renovate existing school with new lights, ceiling, HVAC, replace window system, new gable roof and upgrade to current ADA requirements.  Addition is 3162 square feet and renovation is over 26,270 square feet.
Crewe Primary School and Blackstone Primary School
Renovations and Reroofing for these two schools. At Crewe Primary we retrofitted a new metal roof and provided a new heating and air conditioning system. At Blackstone we finished the balance of the school by retrofitting a metal roof to the balance of the school.
Friends School
Virginia Beach, VA
Completion Date: Scheduled Summer 1998  
Total Cost:  $900,000

  • Project scope includes two new single story buildings for a private school.  One is a multi-purpose pre-engineered building totaling 8000 square feet and the other a four classroom building with a frame structure of 7000 square feet.

Pendleton Child Development Center 
Courthouse Elementary School Renovation
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Completion Date:  April 7, 1995

  • Work consists of design through construction administration for the City of Virginia Beach for renovation of a 17,000 square foot structure, formerly an elementary school, for use by Pendleton Child Services Development Center.  The renovation includes the creation of classroom space, administrative area, dormitory space, cafeteria/recreation, and necessary site improvements needed to bring the project into compliance with existing codes.

Spring Branch Community Church

  • Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia
    A new church complex designed to house 1,000 persons with some classrooms and offices. The auditorium houses a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system.

Virginia Beach Social Services Offices

  • Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia the is a three story office building of 75,000 square feet of primarily open office space with meeting rooms and ancillary spaces.

New Offices for MaxMedia

  • New corporate offices consisting of two floors of office space on the edge of one of the Lynnhaven water inlets.

New Office and Studio for KBSI, Cape Gerardo, Missouri

  • Combined two buildings and an addition to create expanded office and a new studio with state-of-the-art programming equipment.

Beach Ford/Barton Ford

  • New Collision Repair Center to handle state-of-the-art equipment to effectively repair all types of automobiles.
  • New Service Center to house the most modern equipment to efficiently maintain today’s automobiles.

Used Car Showroom in Suffolk for Barton Ford.

  • Masterplan/feasibility Study for Southampton Academy
  • A small but expanding private school searching for new ways to expand the campus and replace older building.


Dr. James Gmitter, Ed.D.
P. O. Box 47
Nottoway, Virginia 23955
(804) 645-9596

Mr. Anthony L. Arnold, P.E.
Facilities Planning and Construction
School Administration Annex, Bldg. 16
Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456
(757) 563-1204

Mr. Herbert L. Powers, Contract Administrator,
Messrs. William Petty and Ed Wall
Capital Project Coordinators
Public Works/Engineering Construction
Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Mr. William J. Callis, President
1101 5th Avenue
Kenbridge, Virginia 23944
(804) 676-8221